Research Spurs Action for Equitable Heart Failure Care

A pilot project at the Brigham is educating clinicians on disparities in access to cardiology services.


A few years ago, a Brigham study found Black and Latinx patients with heart failure were less likely than white patients to be admitted to the hospital’s specialized cardiology service.

Addressing this inequity is vital, as heart failure patients admitted to specialized cardiology services have lower readmission rates and mortality than those admitted to general medicine. The initial findings prompted leaders in general medicine, cardiology, and emergency medicine to collaborate on solutions to address this inequity.

As a result, the Brigham launched a pilot program led by Bram Wispelwey, MD, MS, MPH, Regan Marsh, MD, MPH, Michael Wilson, MD, PhD, and Cassandra Georges to enhance access to cardiology care for all heart failure patients. Under the pilot program, physicians caring for heart failure patients now receive information and prompts through the hospital’s admissions and electronic health record systems educating them on potential disparities and guiding them to equitable care.