Summer 2018

The Future Will See You Now

Technologies are changing the where, what, and how of healthcare.

Features|Summer 2018

Closer Look

Powerful imaging technologies embolden caregivers and scientists to see the body on a molecular level—and wield that knowledge to alter the course of human disease.

by Joy Howard

Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

Faced with daunting medical challenges, bioengineers build instruments of hope for patients in need.

by Jennifer Reardon

Pocket Docs

As digital tools simplify more everyday tasks and transactions, patients and doctors look to apps and devices to deliver healthcare at home and on the go.

by Lauren Thompson

Departments|Summer 2018

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Manuel’s Story

When a teenager’s cancer returned, his team of doctors took a radical approach to save his life.

In Good Hands

A mother reflects on her daughter’s care in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and her remarkable recovery.

Sweet Deal

Scientists are discovering the disease-fighting benefits of cocoa.

Machine Learning

Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD, explains how artificial intelligence will transform healthcare.

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