Five Brigham Innovations to Confront COVID-19

Brigham staff and collaborators develop solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Department staff demonstrate the B-PROTECTED testing booth. (Photo by James Rathmell, MD)

Researchers, clinicians, engineers, and others across the Brigham and other organizations collaborated with record speed to develop solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including these five:

  1. B-PROTECTED testing booth: The booth allows staff to safely administer a diagnostic test and preserve personal protective equipment.
  2. 3D-printed face shields: Teaming with academic and industry partners, Brigham employees developed a 3D-printed face shield that offers greater protection than traditional shields.
  3. Silicone reusable mask prototypes: Innovators from the Brigham and academia created an N95 mask alternative made of silicone that can fit faces of different sizes and be sterilized for reuse.
  4. In-house COVID-19 testing: Investigators created an in-house test with results within 24 hours for patients who have been admitted with suspected COVID-19.
  5. At-home testing: TestBoston is a large research study conducting free, monthly at-home COVID-19 testing on 10,000 individuals in Boston-area communities hit hardest by the virus.