Developing Leaders in Health Equity

Today’s emerging physicians are passionately pursuing health equity in their careers.

by Jennifer Reardon

From left to right, pathway members Sanjay Kishore, MD, Emilie George, MD, Margaret Hayden, MD, Cameron Nutt, MD, and Meera Sury, MD, visit Dorchester to learn about Vital CxNs, a nonprofit organization focused on community health.

The 17 internal medicine residents enrolled in the Leadership for Health Equity Pathway are passionate about emphasizing health equity in their careers.
Launched in 2019 by Cheryl Clark, MD, ScD, Morgan Espérance, MD, MPH, and Nora Osman, MD, the pathway offers training, mentorship, and projects in health equity for second- and third-year residents.

For Cameron Nutt, MD, the pathway enabled him to continue research he started earlier in his medical career to understand the effects of race-based calculations that estimate patients’ kidney function.

“It’s heartening that questions trainees ask about inequities in our health system can lead to faculty mobilizing serious research efforts,” says Nutt, who contributed to a study that showed these calculations disadvantage Black patients.

Pathway co-leaders Clark and Espérance are inspired to see trainees gain knowledge and connections in the field.

“Every doctor training today should demonstrate a commitment to promoting equity to all patients in their care,” says Clark. “And for those resident physicians who want to innovate in health equity, we want to give them opportunities for leadership and growth.”