Powered By Stories

“The universe is made of stories...”
– Muriel Rukeyser

by Joy Howard

The Building for Transformative Medicine

Everywhere you turn at Brigham and Women’s Hospital you find stories. Patients and their families anxiously awaiting surgeries. Seasoned researchers patiently shepherding their ideas from their labs to become medical treatments. Clinicians saving lives. Chaplains sitting with family members whose loved one has died. Nurses tenderly bathing and swaddling newborn babies.

To paraphrase the poet Muriel Rukeyser, the Brigham is made of stories—of hope, suffering, healing, compassion, curiosity, and discovery—spanning the spectrum from the beginning of life to the end and everywhere in between.

Whether you’re a patient, family member, employee, benefactor, volunteer, or friend, we hope you learn something new as you explore the stories in this first issue of our redesigned biannual magazine, Brigham Health.

We’ve re-envisioned our magazine from cover to cover, and online at brighamhealthmag.org, to bring you more Brigham stories, told in different ways and from different perspectives.

What stories would you like to see? Better yet, what stories would you like to share? Please let us know at brighamhealthmag@partners.org.

Joy Howard
Managing Editor